Beach Rugby Has A Dedicated Destination In Cape Town

Switch Cape Town is an iconic center for training in beach rugby.

This facility of UR7s in South Africa will become the training center where the Beach Rugby series will be held for the spring, summer as well as autumn seasons. This series has become a much revered event for rugby enthusiasts across Cape Town. Players who look for opportunities will be able to train at The Switch Playground which is the name of the training facility. It will help them get into shape for the upcoming rugby seasons.

The training facility will offer discounted rates of membership for the players of Beach Rugby. Whereas the usual rates are 150 for single sessions and 1300 for a pack of ten sessions, the discounted rates would be 120 zar for single sessions while the ten session pack will be priced at 1000 zar. These rates will surely prove beneficial for those who need to train regularly ahead of matches scheduled.

Switch is also slated to play a big role in the Beach Rugby season. The center will sponsor the impact player of the season title in the cross city finals. The player who wins the accolade will be offered unlimited training sessions as well as gear and apparel to be won. UR7 and Switch would be hosting special classes in July at the Switch Playground. This will see the launch of a partnership. It would definitely help the beach rugby players across Cape Town. With a dedicated training facility and where events dedicated to beach rugby would be organized, most enthusiasts can simply tune into the center’s blog or site as well as the facility to be part of the latest beach rugby events and tournaments. This year will surely be eventful for the players and fans of beach rugby in Cape Town.