Beach Rugby Tournament In London This August

If you are into beach rugby, you will get a chance to catch some action if you are in London this summer. Indeed, this city has a unique event that is held here every year. This year you can expect to catch the London Beach Rugby tournament as it is held every year, at the Potters Fields Park. This park is located by Tower Bridge and usually spans the first weekend of August.

The first day of the tournament, usually a Friday, comprises of player registration processes. There is a rugby kick off match on the day, which finishes by the evening. There are entertainments lined up for the teams and the fans which comprise of music, live bars and catering services. It usually helps the teams to get to know each other as well as the fans to get in the right mood for beach rugby games in the forthcoming days.
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Beach Rugby Tournament Concluded Amid Great Euphoria

In Swansea, the Beach Rugby Wales (BRW) is an annual rugby festival and this year it celebrated its 12th year.

The competition has become extremely popular and now it has been partnered with the Welsh Rugby League (WRL), which began in the year 2006. In the first year of this championship only six teams participate, but this year the participating team size has grown to 54 teams and they are from all over the UK.

The championship has attracted many International players, both in the past as well as at present. Some of them are Richard Hibbard, Paul James, Shane Williams, Ian Gough, Arwel Thomas and Garin Jenkins for Wales, Tommy Bowe from Ireland, Jerry Collins All Black and Marty Holah.

Saturday on the day of the tournament, the teams were taken to the Swansea Bay beach to play.

The rules of the tournament were in the style of Touch Rugby League (TRL), with six culminating in a set either a handover or score. In the any infringements, or knock-ones are punishable by a handover. In the game, there is a difference in the scoring system as well.

In the game, no conversions are there and a regular try is equal to one point along with a golden try, point scored by running in through the posts is equal to two.
According to the website of Beach Rugby Wales (BRW): “In the span of just 12 years, this tournament has become so much popular that, those teams which are taking part plan a pre-season day around and use weekend for team bonding.”

This day is also called as the “festival of rugby”, was attended by sponsors and supporters, including Nation Radio along with the Sinclair Group, who will gift a Seat Ibiza car to the winner.

Beach Rugby Tournament Of Britain A Great Success

The British Beach Rugby tournament has been hailed a success, with fans flocking to see which sides would prevail. Teams of nine male and three female players took part in the event to raise money and awareness for the charity Braintrust.

The tournament was held at Boscombe Beach and was the first in the country run by the (EBRA) European Beach Rugby Association.

The event witnessed a decent turnout from the crowds, including many local and budding rugby youngsters, with nearly 500 people watching the fast-paced matches, and really getting into the spirit of it. With the game starting to take off, there were rumours that it had been picked up for online sports betting at William Hill Online for future years, with a live stream also helping to engage fans too.

The latest version of this game has established itself all over the Europe, and both male and female are actively taking part in tournaments organized by various different organisations on any one weekend – the one in the UK coincided with ones being held in Barcelona and Marseille.

The tournament was a five-a-side, fast paced and full contact, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the spectators as well as the players. The tournament was the effort of one of the founders of the British Beach Rugby, Barty Hills. Having suffered from a brain tumour and subsequently recovering from the disease, he decided to collect charity funds for the Braintrust cause, and to support helpless and needy people. With the same objective, he organized this tournament.

Meanwhile, one of the other founders of British Beach Rugby (BBR), Tom Watshott, shared his thoughts about the present and future of beach rugby and said “The tournament was a great success. And everything went according to the plans, the crowds turn out, and even the weather supported us a lot. We have to prove to EBRA that this event will be a successful one and now we are waiting for it’s feedback. Hopefully the tournament will be the part of the full series in the coming years, and then it will have international teams.”

Talking about the finals, he also confirmed that they have scheduled a match between the Dad’s and the organizers before the final of this event as a mark of Father’s day.


Residents and visitors alike at the West Wittering beach were on hand to speak about the chaos that surrounded the beach non Sunday, June 18, the hottest day of the year so far.

No less than 5,000 vehicles travelled down to the beach on that day to get a piece of the action. James Crespi, manager of the West Wittering Beach Estate pegged the number of vehicles at approximately 5,100.

He also noted that no less than a further 200 vehicles are expected to travel down to the beach on Sunday.

Di Dowling,a 49 year old resident of Bognor who visited the beach for theChichester Rugby Club’s annual beach rugby day, stated that it was a total nightmare trying to get into and out of the car park.

By 8am when she had come by to drop off her daughter and husband, the traffic had already begun queuing.

Dowling said: “We left early because we knew it was going to be busy. The rugby got relegated from West Wittering beach to East Head by the Estate so they could make space for more people.
“I have multiple sclerosis so I went home and came back at about 4.30pm to pick up my husband, daughter and her friend.”

Dowling who continued, stated that by the time she was able to leave the car park, it was almost 8.30pm, at a time the car park was due to close.

She also mentioned a friend of theirs who tried to leave the car park around 7.15pm, yet ended up staying there till way past 9.15 pm.

The manager, Crespi noted that the large number of people in attendance made it quite difficult to control despite several warnings of a full car park displayed at the entrance.

Beach Rugby Ibiza Starting Soon

On 6 May 2017, the biggest ever Rugby will arrive in San Antonio.

Yes, we are talking about Ibiza Beach Rugby Festival. It is arriving in the city on 6h of May. In the 2017 sporting calendar of Ibiza Beach, this is going to be the most popular event. It is expected that approximately 500 participants will join the event of 2017.

The sandy and wide beach in San Antonio is going to accommodate a giant inflatable goal post and three rugby pitches. The interesting thing is there are more teams coming in this year each. The number has increased. Moreover, the game is open for all, one need not to be the expert of the game and throw them into the tournament.

The beach is going to be soft as it is on sand and the soft pitch is more forgiving in comparison to a frozen pitch. Moreover, to jog away to cool off the sea is there. Do, remember to pick the team kit carefully: saucy, sexy, and bright or a combo of all three is perfect for the job.

For the Ibiza Sports Tours, who is the organizer of the event this year, have some big names like Alhambra Nievas. He has received the award ‘Referee of the Year 2016’.

Other guests at the event include Sean Holley the TV rugby analyst, he has reported for BBC Wales and Sky Sports. Second guest is Stuart Evans, rugby league player and former Welsh rugby union.

There will be opening and closing parties for the event and the venue of the same is Ibiza Rocks Hotel, post presentations and matches, all the teams will move back at the Highlander and Shenanigans, they are sponsoring the event. So, this year again the event is going to be all fun and fun.


The Qatar Rugby Federation, recently went on all out to take a preliminary stock of the recently concluded second edition of the Qatar Rugby 7s.

The tournament which saw players put in about 588 minutes of action from about 36 preliminary round of matches and the six matches, had no less than 156 tries all through.

The unbeaten Camels both in the first edition and this posed a question to the organisers, as their dominance in the tournament was complete and not closely rivalled by any of the other teams.

The President of the QRF, Yousef al-Kuwari had said when asked about the gap between the Camels and the rest of the teams, that they (the organisers) realize the gap, which was quite bigger when it started last season.

He however believes that, there was a lot of competition this time around from other teams, such as the Doha club, and he is hoping that more support would be given to the other teams to help them improve.

And despite the tournament which had seen just seven teams participate in the two editions, the number doesn’t seem to worry al-Kuwari as he believes that those showing up are clubs of good quality.

Al-Kuwari was also asked about what steps the QRF are taking towards promoting rugby in the country and he was quoted as saying,

“One of our plans is to involve our local clubs. We are looking forward to meeting these clubs and will propose to them if they are willing to sponsor a team each. That might make a big difference for us.

“We have ried building grassroots tournaments, through initiatives like Beach Rugby, which have been instrumental in getting attention from the public. Then there are the games we host on the Qatar National Sport Day. We are looking at anything and everything to get in more players.”

Why Figueira Beach Rugby International Is Popular?

All the editions of the Figueira Beach Rugby International held so far have been a runaway hit.

The latest 2016 edition of the Figueira Beach Rugby International enjoyed great success even beyond the game. The tournament is not just an event where you play beach rugby on the beach. There is very good camaraderie, vibe, fun, frolic and a chance to meet up with old and new friends that is on offer at Figueira Beach every year. This is why lots and lots of people make it to this event every year. This year saw as many as 850 people traveling to the Figueira Beach to take part in the international rugby beach tournament.

People from England, France, Holland, USA, Spain, Dubai, Belgium, Italy and Germany visited Figueira Beach to take part in the rugby event. This is the only tournament in the world where you will find a lot of smiling faces and every game that you play in the event is a game where you can make new friends. No one is worried about winning or losing a game when they come to Figueira Beach. Everyone comes to the event to be part of such a big community with the sole purpose of enjoying and celebrating the event and to experience what beach rugby madness is all about.

Sport Porto Rugby is the winner of the Portuguese Beach Rugby this year and the Caparica Sharks are the winners of the men’s event at the Portuguese Beach Rugby. This Figueira Beach Rugby event is the most popular beach tournament in Europe and more than 50 teams participate in it. Along with fun, frolic and lovely beaches, there is also huge prize money on offer that attracts more and more rugby teams to participate. There are also sunset parties conducted on the beach for people to enjoy.

Camps Bay Beach Rugby Series

Camps Bay beach rugby series sees serious action on opening night. There were six opening matches at Camps Bay, where 80 players came back to participate. There are teams participating in the Beach Rugby Series like Switch Fitness, Flying Fish, CIPLA Nutrition, Whey O and others.

The spring season was kicked off by these teams and old and new players came on board to show why they are known to own the beach when they play. Legendary players of Camps Bay came on to showcase their skills against the staff of Caprice. The latter team was outplayed by their opponents who were more experienced.

The Switch players are known to be great on the field, but the sand can equalize the effects. However, they were able to beat the SA Miller Flying Fish team. When they played with the Husks All Stars team they arrived at a draw, and they quickly became a great example of how to bet smart – if you had backed them before the tournament had begun you could have got big odds, and closing out that position after two games would have seen you take home £10 for every £1 staked!

The Husk All Stars team represented the African Coconut Water team. There were several touch footie star players who played with considerable speed. They offered a show of athleticism that was remarkable and added to the energy on the field.

There was the Caprice Cobras who joined the series as a new team. They had attained success in UCT leagues that they had played on grass. The team might have struggled to show their fitness on the beach, but they ended with a win of 3-1 score in the game that they played against their competitors the Flying Fish.

After the games were over Tom Burwell, the tournament director stated that it had been a great evening as the action was awesome with 2 draws and 4 wins happening on the opening evening. It was an indicator that the season would be a great one in the forthcoming days as the season games unfold.

Beach Rugby Has A Dedicated Destination In Cape Town

Switch Cape Town is an iconic center for training in beach rugby.

This facility of UR7s in South Africa will become the training center where the Beach Rugby series will be held for the spring, summer as well as autumn seasons. This series has become a much revered event for rugby enthusiasts across Cape Town. Players who look for opportunities will be able to train at The Switch Playground which is the name of the training facility. It will help them get into shape for the upcoming rugby seasons.

The training facility will offer discounted rates of membership for the players of Beach Rugby. Whereas the usual rates are 150 for single sessions and 1300 for a pack of ten sessions, the discounted rates would be 120 zar for single sessions while the ten session pack will be priced at 1000 zar. These rates will surely prove beneficial for those who need to train regularly ahead of matches scheduled.

Switch is also slated to play a big role in the Beach Rugby season. The center will sponsor the impact player of the season title in the cross city finals. The player who wins the accolade will be offered unlimited training sessions as well as gear and apparel to be won. UR7 and Switch would be hosting special classes in July at the Switch Playground. This will see the launch of a partnership. It would definitely help the beach rugby players across Cape Town. With a dedicated training facility and where events dedicated to beach rugby would be organized, most enthusiasts can simply tune into the center’s blog or site as well as the facility to be part of the latest beach rugby events and tournaments. This year will surely be eventful for the players and fans of beach rugby in Cape Town.

Bkk Lions A Novelty In Thailand

Not many have heard of the BKK Lions as yet.

You might be one of the first few to read about them as this mini rugby team has recently been formed. It is known as Bangkok Lions Mini Rugby Union. It has been established by experienced rugby players and enthusiasts of Bangkok who have been trying to bring the game among the youths in the country. With this union formed, they wish to promote the game among Thai as well as youths of the expatriate communities in this country.

Several leading rugby players of Bangkok have come together to make this initiative a success. There are weekly coaching classes which are held on Saturday mornings. Currently the venue is at Bangkok Pattana School. There are players from Southerners as well as from the British Club.
Children who are part of the Bangkok Soccer League have been targeted to sign up for the rugby team initially. Registrations had been on from the end of March 2004 and have been held at the Bangkok Pattana school premises. The initial target was to get hold of youths and children from the age group of four to seventeen. Today a mini league is formed for the children who registered with the union.

The rugby union follows a pattern similar to the BSL. The latter has faced considerable success and it is hoped that the same can be achieved for the youth rugby team. It is definitely one of the novel games in Thailand and needs to be promoted among the youth. Rugby at the school was hoping to enhance the family environment on Saturdays when kids will get together to play and parents would be involved in coaching, in watching and would end with family BBQs and with a fun filled environment.