Why Figueira Beach Rugby International Is Popular?

All the editions of the Figueira Beach Rugby International held so far have been a runaway hit.

The latest 2016 edition of the Figueira Beach Rugby International enjoyed great success even beyond the game. The tournament is not just an event where you play beach rugby on the beach. There is very good camaraderie, vibe, fun, frolic and a chance to meet up with old and new friends that is on offer at Figueira Beach every year. This is why lots and lots of people make it to this event every year. This year saw as many as 850 people traveling to the Figueira Beach to take part in the international rugby beach tournament.

People from England, France, Holland, USA, Spain, Dubai, Belgium, Italy and Germany visited Figueira Beach to take part in the rugby event. This is the only tournament in the world where you will find a lot of smiling faces and every game that you play in the event is a game where you can make new friends. No one is worried about winning or losing a game when they come to Figueira Beach. Everyone comes to the event to be part of such a big community with the sole purpose of enjoying and celebrating the event and to experience what beach rugby madness is all about.

Sport Porto Rugby is the winner of the Portuguese Beach Rugby this year and the Caparica Sharks are the winners of the men’s event at the Portuguese Beach Rugby. This Figueira Beach Rugby event is the most popular beach tournament in Europe and more than 50 teams participate in it. Along with fun, frolic and lovely beaches, there is also huge prize money on offer that attracts more and more rugby teams to participate. There are also sunset parties conducted on the beach for people to enjoy.