Beach rugby is quite an interesting game to play and usually follow the same rules as that of the professional rugby football. They are played all across Europe and is most popular in Italy.

Beach Rugby is usually played casually with each casual game having its own set of rules governing the game. With the popularity of beach rugby, there are beach rugby championships that are being held across various places where they make use of a field on the beach which is nearly a fraction of the size of the total rugby field.

The size is approximately near about 30 to 35 meters long with a width of about 20 to 25 meters. There are no provisions for a goal post and this is done best with the use of lines making the in goals 3 to 7 meters deep.

The number of players in each team is also reduced in number as a result of the small space. One of the most popular tournaments that come to mind when one talks about Beach Rugby is 7’s by the sea which is an event hosted in Texas every summer.

The mode of calculation of points is usually one try one point system as there is the absence of goal posts on the field. The entire match is usually played for 10 to 15 minutes with each half being for 5-10 minutes.

During the extra time, some leagues for Beach rugby make use of the sudden death concept to obtain a winner, but this is only applicable when there is no other means left for a victory decision. The size of the ball used is of size 4 rather than size 5 which is the standard ball size used for all professional rugby matches.