Camps Bay Beach Rugby Series

Camps Bay beach rugby series sees serious action on opening night. There were six opening matches at Camps Bay, where 80 players came back to participate. There are teams participating in the Beach Rugby Series like Switch Fitness, Flying Fish, CIPLA Nutrition, Whey O and others.

The spring season was kicked off by these teams and old and new players came on board to show why they are known to own the beach when they play. Legendary players of Camps Bay came on to showcase their skills against the staff of Caprice. The latter team was outplayed by their opponents who were more experienced.

The Switch players are known to be great on the field, but the sand can equalize the effects. However, they were able to beat the SA Miller Flying Fish team. When they played with the Husks All Stars team they arrived at a draw, and they quickly became a great example of how to bet smart – if you had backed them before the tournament had begun you could have got big odds, and closing out that position after two games would have seen you take home £10 for every £1 staked!

The Husk All Stars team represented the African Coconut Water team. There were several touch footie star players who played with considerable speed. They offered a show of athleticism that was remarkable and added to the energy on the field.

There was the Caprice Cobras who joined the series as a new team. They had attained success in UCT leagues that they had played on grass. The team might have struggled to show their fitness on the beach, but they ended with a win of 3-1 score in the game that they played against their competitors the Flying Fish.

After the games were over Tom Burwell, the tournament director stated that it had been a great evening as the action was awesome with 2 draws and 4 wins happening on the opening evening. It was an indicator that the season would be a great one in the forthcoming days as the season games unfold.