Bkk Lions A Novelty In Thailand

Not many have heard of the BKK Lions as yet.

You might be one of the first few to read about them as this mini rugby team has recently been formed. It is known as Bangkok Lions Mini Rugby Union. It has been established by experienced rugby players and enthusiasts of Bangkok who have been trying to bring the game among the youths in the country. With this union formed, they wish to promote the game among Thai as well as youths of the expatriate communities in this country.

Several leading rugby players of Bangkok have come together to make this initiative a success. There are weekly coaching classes which are held on Saturday mornings. Currently the venue is at Bangkok Pattana School. There are players from Southerners as well as from the British Club.
Children who are part of the Bangkok Soccer League have been targeted to sign up for the rugby team initially. Registrations had been on from the end of March 2004 and have been held at the Bangkok Pattana school premises. The initial target was to get hold of youths and children from the age group of four to seventeen. Today a mini league is formed for the children who registered with the union.

The rugby union follows a pattern similar to the BSL. The latter has faced considerable success and it is hoped that the same can be achieved for the youth rugby team. It is definitely one of the novel games in Thailand and needs to be promoted among the youth. Rugby at the school was hoping to enhance the family environment on Saturdays when kids will get together to play and parents would be involved in coaching, in watching and would end with family BBQs and with a fun filled environment.