Beach Rugby 5s

Beach Rugby 5s is a modified version of rugby and it has made a superb debut at the Mount Main Beach (New Zealand) on the 25th of January, 2014. Along with the brand new Beach 5s tournament, the New Zealand Beach Hockey Championship also made a comeback this year.

Beach Rugby 5s matches involve two teams having 5 members each and it is a free-flowing and full contact game that people can easily comprehend and enjoy watching.

Melita Martorana (event organizer) made sure that more and more teams participate in the Beach Rugby 5s matches so that the event can turn out to be successful. She used to be associated with Italian Rugby and it was her idea to introduce Beach Rugby 5s which is very popular in Europe.

She was very happy with the enthusiasm that the people showed towards the event. According to her, the event gave an opportunity to the people to get to know beach rugby better. Melita even said that beach rugby is quite intense involving good scoring and tackling. Players enjoy the game even though it is tough.

Mount Main Beach was perhaps the perfect location for the event because many spectators got a chance to witness the beach rugby matches. So the audience response was very impressive indeed. Plus many random people who were not a part of any rugby clubs were also able to participate in the beach rugby matches. The teams got entry into the event by paying around $100. Spectators were allowed to enter the event without paying any money.

The whole event was surrounded by not only an atmosphere of enjoyment but also an atmosphere of competitiveness among the teams. The hockey matches for the NZ Beach Hockey Championship also received a lot of appreciation and commendation from the audiences present at the beach.