Barrow players have a ball with youngsters

Two stars of Barrow Raiders swapped the stadium for the playground previous week as they helped at a very special school’s tag rugby event. Josh Ward and Joe Bullock visited Sandside Lodge in Ulverston as part of the enrichment day of the school before the break of the Easter.

Part of the project from Home Nations, the day targeted to bring together various aspects of the nations of the United Kingdom, with Scotland being constituted by food as well as the cooking of haggis, as well as England being corresponded by rugby.

Mr Bullock told that the school asked them to come and run a skills session for them. They wanted the children to get involved in various types of rugby skills. They taught them different grip and a bit of tackling and carry techniques. They adjusted every session for them. Some had taken part a bit of rugby earlier, but a lot of them had never touched a ball.

Mr Bullock added that the tackling appeared to be quite popular. He told that they brought the tackle pads out and they really loved it. It allowed them release some energy and anger. While teaching kids with learning troubles new sports skills might appear like a challenge, Mr Bullock insisted that this was not really the case.

He told that this was really fun to work with and they gave hundred per cent effort. It was really a pleasure doing this. They never fought with them and the teaches stated that they had not stopped talking regarding this.