Beach Rugby Tournament Of Britain A Great Success

The British Beach Rugby tournament has been hailed a success, with fans flocking to see which sides would prevail. Teams of nine male and three female players took part in the event to raise money and awareness for the charity Braintrust.

The tournament was held at Boscombe Beach and was the first in the country run by the (EBRA) European Beach Rugby Association.

The event witnessed a decent turnout from the crowds, including many local and budding rugby youngsters, with nearly 500 people watching the fast-paced matches, and really getting into the spirit of it. With the game starting to take off, there were rumours that it had been picked up for online sports betting at William Hill Online for future years, with a live stream also helping to engage fans too.

The latest version of this game has established itself all over the Europe, and both male and female are actively taking part in tournaments organized by various different organisations on any one weekend – the one in the UK coincided with ones being held in Barcelona and Marseille.

The tournament was a five-a-side, fast paced and full contact, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the spectators as well as the players. The tournament was the effort of one of the founders of the British Beach Rugby, Barty Hills. Having suffered from a brain tumour and subsequently recovering from the disease, he decided to collect charity funds for the Braintrust cause, and to support helpless and needy people. With the same objective, he organized this tournament.

Meanwhile, one of the other founders of British Beach Rugby (BBR), Tom Watshott, shared his thoughts about the present and future of beach rugby and said “The tournament was a great success. And everything went according to the plans, the crowds turn out, and even the weather supported us a lot. We have to prove to EBRA that this event will be a successful one and now we are waiting for it’s feedback. Hopefully the tournament will be the part of the full series in the coming years, and then it will have international teams.”

Talking about the finals, he also confirmed that they have scheduled a match between the Dad’s and the organizers before the final of this event as a mark of Father’s day.

Camps Bay Beach Rugby Series

Camps Bay beach rugby series sees serious action on opening night. There were six opening matches at Camps Bay, where 80 players came back to participate. There are teams participating in the Beach Rugby Series like Switch Fitness, Flying Fish, CIPLA Nutrition, Whey O and others.

The spring season was kicked off by these teams and old and new players came on board to show why they are known to own the beach when they play. Legendary players of Camps Bay came on to showcase their skills against the staff of Caprice. The latter team was outplayed by their opponents who were more experienced.

The Switch players are known to be great on the field, but the sand can equalize the effects. However, they were able to beat the SA Miller Flying Fish team. When they played with the Husks All Stars team they arrived at a draw, and they quickly became a great example of how to bet smart – if you had backed them before the tournament had begun you could have got big odds, and closing out that position after two games would have seen you take home £10 for every £1 staked!

The Husk All Stars team represented the African Coconut Water team. There were several touch footie star players who played with considerable speed. They offered a show of athleticism that was remarkable and added to the energy on the field.

There was the Caprice Cobras who joined the series as a new team. They had attained success in UCT leagues that they had played on grass. The team might have struggled to show their fitness on the beach, but they ended with a win of 3-1 score in the game that they played against their competitors the Flying Fish.

After the games were over Tom Burwell, the tournament director stated that it had been a great evening as the action was awesome with 2 draws and 4 wins happening on the opening evening. It was an indicator that the season would be a great one in the forthcoming days as the season games unfold.

Pocock thanks authorities for 3-week ban

In spite of being banned for putting another rugby player in a sleeper hold during a recent game, David Pocock, the rugby union star, has thanked the governing bodies of the game for their hard line stance to such incidents.

Video from previous Saturday’s Super Rugby match between New Zealand’s Chiefs and Pocock’s Brumbies in Canberra shows David putting Chiefs No 8 Michael Leitch in the unsafe bind.

In video of the moment, Michael appears to attempt to ‘tap out’ of David’s hold by hitting him on the back many times during a rolling mangle in the seventy-forth minute of the game – but to no avail.

David told that he was happy that the World Rugby and SANZAAR are concerned about making this sport for all of them after being handed down a 3 week ban and apologizing profusely for his in-field actions.

The punishment meted out was watched closely by the Six Nations organising committee, with some similar actions having taken place last year. Whilst they recognised that fans wanted to see the best players out on the pitch (especially because tickets are so expensive) a line needs to be drawn on discipline. Tickets for this year’s Six Nations are available through this link.

Pocock, who is usually a clean player, took to many platforms to issue a earnest apology for this actions, including on his website, Twitter and Facebook profiles. He stated that he was very much disappointed with his actions.

He said on Facebook: ‘I would like to take this opportunity to apologise again to Michael Leitch. And to apologise to the Chiefs, Brumbies and all those who follow rugby. I’d also like to apologise to my team mates who I will let down over the next few weeks while suspended.’

After the incident, Leitch needed immediate medical assistance. Pocock faced a Super Rugby judicatory on Tuesday for the very 1st time in his career and declared guilty to breaching ‘playing a player without the ball is dangerous play’ and was later handed a ban.

UR7s Announce Expansion

The UR7s also known as Ultimate Rugby Sevens has made few announcements about the global restructuring of its operations in addition to the leadership team for the Olympic period. Some of the changes include the launch of Beach Rugby series as well as Beach Rugby multi sports festival.

Joe Byrnes, who has been appointed as a new director of Euro Programs is quite excited to take up his new role of restructuring in the UK. Byrnes belongs to a business background and he has worked in finance in London. He is likely to bring a different background altogether with loads of experiences as far as the leadership group of UR7s is concerned.

The UR7s is undoubtedly one of the largest brands which were formed 8 years ago in the UK. Tom Burwell will render a helping hand during the handover period and the director is happy to seek his knowledge about the marketplace and the game. The director would be soon announcing the events and dates for the summer as far as rugby is concerned as it is going to make its entry into the Olympics.

The launch in South Africa is indeed a huge task which Byrnes is excited and geared up for the Beach Rugby events in addition to the launch of programs specifically meant for the international students. The director has said that he along with his team would be busy in South Africa in order to engage more and more people to drive the business to the next level in the UK and to see rugby flourish in the country since sports is given more importance.

UR7s will be dedicated to give everyone equal opportunity to play the 7s game regardless of their backgrounds. The company has agreed to fund projects in nations that are not fully developed. Also UR7s will work towards social development as well as commercial projects.

Barrow players have a ball with youngsters

Two stars of Barrow Raiders swapped the stadium for the playground previous week as they helped at a very special school’s tag rugby event. Josh Ward and Joe Bullock visited Sandside Lodge in Ulverston as part of the enrichment day of the school before the break of the Easter.

Part of the project from Home Nations, the day targeted to bring together various aspects of the nations of the United Kingdom, with Scotland being constituted by food as well as the cooking of haggis, as well as England being corresponded by rugby.

Mr Bullock told that the school asked them to come and run a skills session for them. They wanted the children to get involved in various types of rugby skills. They taught them different grip and a bit of tackling and carry techniques. They adjusted every session for them. Some had taken part a bit of rugby earlier, but a lot of them had never touched a ball.

Mr Bullock added that the tackling appeared to be quite popular. He told that they brought the tackle pads out and they really loved it. It allowed them release some energy and anger. While teaching kids with learning troubles new sports skills might appear like a challenge, Mr Bullock insisted that this was not really the case.

He told that this was really fun to work with and they gave hundred per cent effort. It was really a pleasure doing this. They never fought with them and the teaches stated that they had not stopped talking regarding this.

Sunwolves offer worst Super Rugby lineout

The Sunwolves have not yet won a Super Rugby match, but they have claim the honor of this year’s worst lineout attempt. The force was always going to be on new Japanese team’s lineout against Bulls. And they offered a horror program with one of their very own throws which appeared more like a Keystone Cops episode rather than a broadcast of a top rugby game.

This undertook lineout had the rugby players running across in circles in the lead-up to the pose which finally hit spelled New Zealand lock Liaki Moli in the back. Whether he was supposed to be a jumper or a lifter still remains unclear.

The solace was they received a free-kick from the flock, possibly because the Bulls were more bewildered than they were with what was spreading out in front of them. The Sunwolves team has proven themselves very competitive. But their loss (30-27) to Bulls, in Singapore, was their 4th loss in as many outings in their first season.

They stay at the last spot of their conference along with only two bonus points. They could fancy their scopes when they take on the fighting Kings earlier this weekend. But they would require getting more coherency working in their lineout.

Newport Gwent Dragons signs Nick Macleod

Macleod is all set to go the Gwent region after he made more than hundred and fifty appearances for Sale Sharks and scoring over seven-hundred points. Last Wednesday, Newport Gwent Dragons triggered a stir when they released Jason Tovey controversially; and after 6 days they stated that they are signing journeyman Nick Macleod.

Lyn Jones, Dragons director of rugby, told that they really feel that their future at fly-half lies with Angus O’Brien, Arwel Robson and Dorian Jones, and all would be fighting for game time between now and the end of the season.

Now Dragons, who have lost fourteen of their eighteen matches in Guinness Pro12 and have the same victory record as Italian team Zebre, have brought in player veteran Macleod back to Wales. Jones voiced his new signing stating that they have made a strong and conscious decision to back their youngsters as well as their development, and signing someone of Nick’s caliber recognizes this as he would act as a catalyst for these rugby players.

Nick would be mentoring the players like Angus O’Brien, Arwel and Dorian while also playing his part in the squad moving forward next season. Dragons’ supporters would be amazed at the decision to sign Macleod, who spent much of his days at the Aviva Premiership team Sale Sharks playing at full-back.

Beach Rugby 5s

Beach Rugby 5s is a modified version of rugby and it has made a superb debut at the Mount Main Beach (New Zealand) on the 25th of January, 2014. Along with the brand new Beach 5s tournament, the New Zealand Beach Hockey Championship also made a comeback this year.

Beach Rugby 5s matches involve two teams having 5 members each and it is a free-flowing and full contact game that people can easily comprehend and enjoy watching.

Melita Martorana (event organizer) made sure that more and more teams participate in the Beach Rugby 5s matches so that the event can turn out to be successful. She used to be associated with Italian Rugby and it was her idea to introduce Beach Rugby 5s which is very popular in Europe.

She was very happy with the enthusiasm that the people showed towards the event. According to her, the event gave an opportunity to the people to get to know beach rugby better. Melita even said that beach rugby is quite intense involving good scoring and tackling. Players enjoy the game even though it is tough.

Mount Main Beach was perhaps the perfect location for the event because many spectators got a chance to witness the beach rugby matches. So the audience response was very impressive indeed. Plus many random people who were not a part of any rugby clubs were also able to participate in the beach rugby matches. The teams got entry into the event by paying around $100. Spectators were allowed to enter the event without paying any money.

The whole event was surrounded by not only an atmosphere of enjoyment but also an atmosphere of competitiveness among the teams. The hockey matches for the NZ Beach Hockey Championship also received a lot of appreciation and commendation from the audiences present at the beach.

Beach Rugby – Its Increasing Popularity & Inclusion In Events

Beach Rugby seems to a part of many beach game tournaments that are scheduled in the coming year. The South American Beach Games are all set to be held in the month of May from the 14th to the 24th in the coming year.

The South American Beach Complex is anticipated to be ready by the 10th of May, which is presently under construction. The event will bring together almost 200,000 athletes that will include beach rugby alongside other sports like open water sports, water skiing, handball, soccer, surfing, triathlon, beach tennis, sailing as well as beach volleyball.

Where on one hand the South American Beach games are getting ready for all the entertainment, on the other hand, the organizers for the next year’s Homecoming have announced almost 430 events that will be included in the official programme. The events that have been newly confirmed and funded for the Homecoming 2014 include a beach rugby tournament in Turnberry.

The registrations for the London Beach Rugby for the 2014 events have also begun. The inaugural event of the London Beach Rugby had taken place in August at Covent Garden. The Beach Rugby Corporate Cup is scheduled on the 8th of August 2014, Friday and the Beach Rugby Club Cup is scheduled on the 9th of August 2014.

The beach rugby sport can be based in any of the codes of the rugby football, i.e. either union or league. Unlike beach soccer or beach volleyball, beach rugby does not have any centralized regulation. However, the leagues are common all over Europe. Beach Rugby has gained a lot of popularity in Italy. 7’s By The Sea is a popular beach rugby tournament or event that is held in the United States. This event is held in the city of Corpus Christi, Texas, every summer.

Rough Rugby Casino Game

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If you’re familiar with the Wild system in online slots then you already know that a “Wild” symbol can substitute for any other symbol on the reels, completing a winning combination. The Wild symbol in Rough Rugby is the Scrum symbol. The Rugby Ball acts as the Scatter symbol; when you hit three or more of these symbols on the reels, you will activate the Free Spin Bonus Game, awarding you up to 30 free spins. Finally, the Prize Kicker Bonus Round is activated by hitting three or more of the Prize Kicker symbols on the reels. You will then be able to take part in the bonus game, where you pick an item to receive a corresponding bonus prize.